by Jonathan Valencia

Social Media Ads Masterclass

$ Facebook worthy

How to Use Digital Advertising to Grow & Scale Your Business for only $97
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During this MasterClass, you will learn...


The secrets to continual, growth on Facebook (hint: it's not about YOU)


The Keys To Profitable Ads


How to Setup Your Ads The Correct Way

How to track everything properly (and not watch your ads every minute of every day)


How to find the right audience(s) for your ads


How to create a profitable, automated marketing machine

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This Hands on Training Is For You If You Want:

Listen I get it – you have likely tried Facebook Ads in the past and maybe you have had some success, but likely you haven’t. But you hear about all of the success stories and wonder why you aren’t one of them. In this Hands on Training we will walk through and help set up:

  • How to research and setup your ads for success
  • How to monitor, track in order to optimize your ads
  • How to read the data
  • How to scale up your campaigns

About Your Investment

This intensive training combines thousands of hours of practical research, years of experience in media buying over multiple digital channels, and the coaching power of a go to expert rolled into one easy investment.

If you’ve looked at Instagram coaching programs and e-courses which cost hundreds of dollars and struggled to commit to that amount financially, this is a great opportunity to learn SO MUCH in one short two hour live seminar.

Most courses that cover this content start at $497 and up.

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This value packed intensive training ALSO include:

  • A Step By Step Breakdown of how to set up your ads properly
  • How to hone in and find your ideal audience
  • How to analyze the data and make sense of it
  • When to scale up (spend more), and when to turn things off
  • All of the tips & tricks of what is working now
  • And so much more….

“Is it going to be worth it?”

We might be biased – but this MasterClass is designed to provide you with an in-depth how to of Facebook Advertising. This is so much more than watching videos on YouTube and giving you just a portion of what you really need to know to create and run profitable Ads. Enroll and watch the MasterClass at your convenience – you’ll receive the entire presentation in the members area, along with our digital workbook, bonus downloads, and access to the private facebook group. You will get lifetime updates, ongoing support in the facebook group to answer any questions.

We know your life is busy, and we designed this program to work within your schedule.

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Dan Kaufman

Dan is a Marketing Expert and Small Business Authority. He has owned several successful small business before establishing himself as a partner at GroNow Marketing. Dan is a family man, who works hard to create a thriving life for his two daughters and wife. When he’s not working, Dan enjoys spending time with his family, reading, golfing & skiing. GroNow Marketing was created out of his desire to work smarter, not harder and to give his family as much of his time as he can. If you have a question about Facebook Marketing, he’s the guy you want to ask..